Please Note: The following documents and published articles present information on the hybrid nursing home.  They also offer a rationale for acute care hospitals and health systems providing post acute services through the use of this model.

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Executive Summary

Acute Care Involvement in Post Acute Care Using the Hybrid For/Non-Profit Model

The Merriman Good Life Foundation – Kevin McMahon

In a global sense acute care (AC) has enthusiastically embraced the goals imbedded in the triple aim (better care for individuals, better health for populations and lower overall health care costs).  The critical question is whether the goals of the triple aim still apply once a patient leaves the sanctuary of acute care and ventures into the world of Post Acute Care (PAC).

In terms of fiscal realities, poor performance in today’s world by post acute care can result in re-admission penalties borne entirely by acute care.  

In tomorrow’s world (2018, 2019) of capitation payments that combine AC and PAC reimbursement into a single episodic payment there will be significant risk to be shared between AC and PAC.  This scenario will cry out for acute care to have fully aligned post acute partners.

A not-for-profit reincarnated

March 1, 2010 by Kevin R. McMahon

Blending for-profits and not-for-profits to create a new organizational model

In Akron, Ohio, the locals refer to her as the “grand old lady” of Merriman Road. Born in 1917, she is stately and statuesque, bordering on the sublime. Showing some of the inevitable signs of aging attributable to anything that has been on this planet for 90-plus years, she is, nonetheless, a testament to a proper upbringing.

Merriman residents receive new bus

12/6/2012 - West Side Leader

By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON — Residents of The Merriman (a nursing home and assisted living facility) will be riding in comfort and style in a new 2012 14-passenger bus.

The Merriman Good Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, raised $45,620 to purchase the new bus, according to Merriman officials. The campaign to raise funds for the new bus exceeded the amount needed, so the extra money will be placed in a fund to help pay for residents with limited financial resources to go on outings, according to Merriman officials.

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart, chairman of the foundation, applauded the residents and staff of The Merriman, as well as the many donors, for making the new bus a reality, according to Merriman officials.

Shown above, from left, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Nov. 9, are: Eric Tussel, Mario Maldanado, Lillian Butcher, Pete Dunn, Karen Robertson, Kevin McMahon, Tammy Bennett, Martha Hudson, Fran Gregory, Richard Horning, Robart, Greg and Karen Price, Dolores Puican, Patti Kagafas, Brenda Johnson and Michael Oaks.


Slicing and Dicing Nursing Home Business Risk

June 13, 2012 by Kevin R. McMahon, LNHA

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The nursing home industry is not meant for the fainthearted. It is an environment brimming with risk of all shapes and sizes. The pressures that drive these risks spring from regulations, the reimbursement system (Medicare and Medicaid) and good old-fashioned market forces. For this analysis I have divided the risks that the nursing home industry faces into two distinct types: Business Risk of Capital and Business Risk of Operations.

Dividing and Conquering Business Risk

12/9/12 - ARTICLE RECAP: In the article entitled Slicing and Dicing Business Risk which was published in the September 2012 issue of Long Term Living magazine the risks that beset the nursing home industry were analyzed.  It began with the premise that the risk profile of the nursing home industry is unprecedented in terms of the risks that accrue to the capitalist/owner as well as those that are associated with the day-to-day operations of your typical nursing home.