Merriman residents receive new bus

12/6/2012 - West Side Leader

By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON — Residents of The Merriman (a nursing home and assisted living facility) will be riding in comfort and style in a new 2012 14-passenger bus.

The Merriman Good Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, raised $45,620 to purchase the new bus, according to Merriman officials. The campaign to raise funds for the new bus exceeded the amount needed, so the extra money will be placed in a fund to help pay for residents with limited financial resources to go on outings, according to Merriman officials.

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart, chairman of the foundation, applauded the residents and staff of The Merriman, as well as the many donors, for making the new bus a reality, according to Merriman officials.

Shown above, from left, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Nov. 9, are: Eric Tussel, Mario Maldanado, Lillian Butcher, Pete Dunn, Karen Robertson, Kevin McMahon, Tammy Bennett, Martha Hudson, Fran Gregory, Richard Horning, Robart, Greg and Karen Price, Dolores Puican, Patti Kagafas, Brenda Johnson and Michael Oaks.